Carlyle Place At Home Provides Life Care for Seniors

By Tammy Hauck

Carlyle Place At Home Provides Life Care for Seniors

Navicent Health Program Benefits to Those Who Prefer to Age in Home

Macon, Ga.  – In their home just south of Forsyth, Dr. Ralph Hemphill and his wife, Ann, sit on their back porch overlooking a babbling Tobosofkee Creek. A gentle fall breeze stirs leaves just beginning to turn gold. Married for 47 years, the couple purchased the property on the creek bank in the 90’s, building and moving into their home in 1999.

Now, at age 75, Dr. Hemphill’s only health complaint is his diabetes. Although Ann is currently being treated for cancer, she has a good prognosis, and based on the longevity of those in her family, is looking forward to a long life because of good care. Neither are ready to leave their home, but realize the importance of planning for their future care.

“This is our home. We look forward to spending as much time here in the future as we can, but we understand that’s not going to last forever. We’re planning ahead to be prepared for whatever may happen tomorrow. We may not need Carlyle Place At Home today or tomorrow, but when we do need it, we’ll already have it,” said Dr. Hemphill.

After detailed research, the former college professor and former librarian realized their best option for life-care lies just down the road, at Carlyle Place, Navicent Health. Through Carlyle Place, Navicent Health’s “Carlyle Place At Home” program, the Hemphills can remain in their home while enjoying the many benefits of Carlyle Place, including an active social environment, health and fitness programs and educational opportunities, as well as the financial security and peace of mind that come with knowing their health needs will be met as they continue to age.

“Carlyle Place At Home was attractive to us because it’s like one stop shopping. Once you become a member, it is continuing care, life care. We’re laying our plan out in front of us, a yellow brick road so to speak,” said Dr. Hemphill.

Available to individuals age 62 or older who meet certain health requirements, Carlyle Place At Home offers healthcare coverage, coordination and navigation within the home while allowing members to take advantage of the many benefits offered on Carlyle Place’s north Macon campus. Carlyle Place At Home services begin when a member requires assistance with only one daily living activity. From that point, service coordination may be temporary (for example, for someone recovering from knee replacement) or long term. Each member is assigned a care coordinator who can assist with a number of services, including temporary in-home sitters, housekeeping and meal preparation, referral services for household needs, and transportation to medical appointments.  Members ultimately have access to assisted living and skilled nursing care under the agreement.

The Hemphills’ care coordinator frequently checks on them to ensure they are doing well, and to ensure they are benfitting from the healthcare services available. She is available to assist with scheduling appointments as needed, and the Hemphills have peace of mind knowing they can turn to Carlyle Place when services are needed.

“Ralph is older than I am, he’s diabetic, he handles a lot of the transportation and things of that sort. I don’t want to have to depend on my family if something happens to him. Everybody wants to take care of you but there are just so many hours in the day, everyone is busy, everyone has careers and after school activities. So you plan ahead. That’s what Carlyle Place At Home allows you to do,” said Ann.

“Members of our program receive all of the benefits of having their future healthcare needs coordinated, just as a campus resident would. The program is proactive and focused on wellness and care coordination. When the services are needed, a live human being is available to assist,” said Tom Rockenbach, Chief Administrative Officer of Carlyle Place, Navicent Health.

To learn more about Carlyle Place At Home and to find out if you or a loved one may qualify, please call 478-405-4549.

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